Relate Strategy Group Academies

Relate Strategy Group is the tourism industry’s relationship experts, focused on delivering services to help people, teams, partners, clients & vendors relate better with each other, inspire and engage trade buyers with products they can relate to, and reinforce the relationships industry professionals have with the skills, knowledge and abilities they need to grow their businesses and careers.

Together with Five Studies - The Tourism Academy, we provide the most qualified platform and communication strategies to connect the global tour, travel and tourism industry. This dynamic partnership leverages longstanding relationships with industry decision makers, valuable market research and proven marketing tactics to provide the most comprehensive group of industry buyers, planners, association executives, promoters & marketers. This data and incredible industry involvement is your advantage, connecting people with product knowledge.

By offering countless on demand product, skill and knowledge courses, high volume travel companies, industry associations and regional organizations can finally create valuable, on-demand learning opportunities. Combine existing courses to form a specialized learning track for your audience. Trade buyers can provide their agents, coordinators and business developers with the product knowledge they need to generate more sales.

Growing associations and organizations now have the ability to create dedicated, highly customizable and efficient training with our Premium Academy solutions.   

More About Your Relate Strategy Group Academies:

  • Relate Strategy Group Academies can be completely branded to match your organization’s look, feel, voice and appeal.

  • Dedicated Academy URLs make it easy to measure click-thru rates or incorporate the Academy on your own intranet or member communications

  • Course completion certificates, independently verified by Five Studies - The Tourism Academy - feature your logo or indicia

  • Many of the leading tourism industry associations accept these completion certificates for credit toward their credential and accreditation programs

  • It’s easy and fast - most Academies can be accepting new students in just a few days. Choose which courses to display and update your offerings easily to customize the learning experience.

  • Content is delivered consistently in a controlled environment - changes, updates and management is handled by education experts

  • Comprehensive data, progress, analytics and report tracking help measure marketing impact

  • Product Training and training programs for industry buyers integrate gamification, recognition and incentives to maximize involvement, retention and content delivery

  • Create your own courses with expert guidance.


Call us (yes, an old fashioned phone call) at 646.736.1305 or email to get started. From there, simple tools help you select your Academy offerings and build a learning track to meet your audience’s needs.