Historic attraction sees huge increase in travel trade visitation

Increasing Group & Tour Visitation

In 2016, The Cathedral engaged the expert team at Relate Strategy Group to review the existing tour and group tour offerings, identify areas of opportunity and offer insight to help attract more visitors. Following the release of this asset review, Relate leaders worked closely with The Cathedral's Public Education & Visitor Services staff to deliver visitor information to pre-qualified travel trade buyers in a two part print campaign featuring flyer distribution and targeted postcard delivery. 

The steady stream of information flowing to influential travel planners was intensified in 2017 when Fire Starter Brands offered to represent The Cathedral, personally pitching tour opportunities, workshops and self-guided visits in digital, print and face-to-face campaigns plus a series of industry marketplaces. 

When The Cathedral of Saint John the Divine decided to implement a more concentrated paid admission plan, they called upon leaders at the Relate Strategy Group for guidance leading up to and through implementation, avoiding many costly mistakes and increasing revenue exponentially.

How did we do this?

Relate Strategy Group met with local stakeholders to share insight on buyer needs, interests, popular themes and industry trends. We then worked together to develop new promotional collateral.

Relate Strategy Group developed a dynamic multi-faceted marketing campaign to share destination offerings with travel trade buyers in digital, print and direct mail formats. Delivering over 18,000 powerful impressions.

Relate Strategy Group team was engaged to personally present destination highlights at industry trade shows and on sales missions to important feeder markets, generating dozens of leads, referrals and new business inquiries. 

Here are the highlights:

  • 319% increase in number of print & digital impressions using the same limited financial resources

  • More than 600 new travel trade buyers added to The Cathedral of Saint John the Divine’s database

  • 70 new trade buyers and package tour operators indicating their interest in adding The Cathedral of Saint John the Divine as new product

  • More than 230 product presentations during sales missions & industry trade shows