Bridging the Leadership Gap at One of the Fastest Growing Companies in America

The Challenge:

Rapid and tremendous growth placed our client on Forbes fastest-growing list for 8 years in a row. That type of growth brought a number real challenges to this high-profile technology marketing firm. Quickly expanding to nearly 1,000 employees is a big undertaking. Many of the eager, hardworking people who’d started with the company early had fast-tracked into leadership roles, finding themselves ill-prepared to lead successful teams. In fact, quarterly peer reviews and ratings for members of this group showed many struggling in their new roles and putting strain on working relationships.

Did you know that there’s a trade association for those career professionals who develop talent in organizations? The Association for Talent Development (ATD) and yes, Relate Strategy Group is a member.

What did we do?

Relate Strategy Group experts were onboard to create, implement and manage a new “Foundations of Leadership” program. Our ability to quickly evaluate the company culture, values, mission, vision and goals, we set to work, building a series of ten two-hour training sessions, delivered over the course of six months. Participation ranged from seasoned executives to new hires, all looking to improve their ability to relate better to company knowledge, core skills, their customers and the teams they work with.

Experts in adult education, psychology, and technical design, our team leaders designed the Foundations of Leadership development program to include a fully-realized course curriculum, companion workbook, reference materials, homework assignments, peer mentoring groups and accountability plans, monitored by senior executives.

The Results…

Those who completed Foundations of Leadership, saw a significant increase in their quarterly employee ratings. More than 20% of participants who’d previously been performing well below average, ineligible for advancement or at risk of termination, were able to graduate to review scores that were well above average and continuously improving.

Client Development Specialist had this to say about Relate Strategy Group’s exceptional program developer and leader:

Extraordinary explains [Relate] in the workplace.... I have had the pleasure of [being] witness to her phenomenal ability to lead a team.

Relate Strategy Group’s training & professional development experts were able to help both new and seasoned leaders communicate better with their teams, deliver more valuable feedback, improve employee retention and stronger teams.