Relate Strategy Group’s Customised Solutions

Being the tourism industry’s leading education & relationship experts, Relate Strategy Group rises to meet the needs of our partners with innovative new products that boost our clients’ impact and reach through online training.

Product Marketing & Communication Strategies

Educate and inspire 150,000+ professional travel planners or leverage our dynamic targeting tools to reach distinct market segments - group tour, leisure, meeting/incentive, independent agents, wholesale, receptive, regionally focused - and boost your product recognition and revenue. We’ve partnered with Five Studies - The Tourism Academy to provide the most comprehensive industry education, product training and communication platform so that you can educate and empower travel planners around the globe. It’s easy to create and launch your online course with online marketing tools and industry data so that you can connect with a larger audience of travel professionals in more meaningful ways.

Included with your Course:

  • Course Initialization and Hosting with the number of segments to showcase your course content

  • Tools to connect directly with and incentivize travel planners

  • Dedicated URL you can use as a Call to Act in your campaigns

  • Support from our experienced team

  • Resource library to help you create a meaningful interaction

  • Thorough reporting and analytics on demand

Relate Strategy Group Campaigns

Quick and powerful access to more than 150,000 professional travel planners. Short courses, supported by targeted campaigns are ideal when launching new products, planning a big opening or time-sensitive incentives. Campaigns provide a stepping stone to those who want to try online product training before launching more comprehensive courses with more complexity.

Campaign courses can be easily created, quickly launched and available for a limited period of time, giving you the platform to efficiently, creatively and measurably deliver your message to travel trade buyers. Campaigns are perfect to integrate with your digital outreach strategies and substantive enough to stand on their own, providing a smart and agile solution to destinations and travel products needing to drive recognition and capture meaningful results.

Relate Strategy Group Academies

Provide your teams, partners & employees with the skills, knowledge and abilities they need to succeed professionally and to grow their businesses. Relate Strategy Group offers an unparalleled opportunity for associations, destination marketing organizations and, of course, travel planners to choose from a wide collection of courses on sales, marketing, operations, service and professional development to offer a curated learning track. Academies offer an incredible breadth of knowledge at a tremendous value for small to mid-sized organizations.

Course completion, testing and viability are all independently verified by Five Studies - The Tourism Academy, making professional credential and association certification programs easy to implement, update and deliver on demand.

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Relate Strategy Group Premium Academy

For larger organizations, Premium Academies by Relate Strategy Group are a distinctive, inclusive and cost-effective alternatives. Working alongside Relate Strategy Group’s adult learning, technical design and professional development experts, Premium Academies fit the look/feel and growing needs of your brand. Premium Academy courses incorporate gamifications, mobile design and multi-media content to encourage, engage and effectively train the end users. Choose from countless Relate Strategy Group skill, knowledge, ability and product courses, create courses specific to your audience’s needs with qualified, experienced technical and educational support. Relate Strategy Group has made Premium Academies easy to start, quick to activate and fully-functional with customizable reporting, analytics, search engine optimization, simple student enrollment and tools to capture data, market effectively and integrate with your digital media strategies.