Relate Academies

Relate Strategy Group is the leading tourism & travel trade development, marketing and education team. We’ve partnered with Five Studies - The Tourism Academy to deliver powerful on-demand learning solutions for industry stakeholders and teams including: travel trade associations, hotel management companies, destination marketing organizations and national tourism networks.

We’ve uncovered the keys to engaging tourism buyers and empowering the sales & marketing leaders of tomorrow.

Travel providers, destinations and alliances can choose from any of the dozens of skill, knowledge and ability driven courses to create and showcase their own relatable portfolio of learning, specifically curated for their stakeholders. Our signature is a great fit for small to medium sized agencies, work-from-home teams, nationwide affiliates and medium companies that want to empower their employees, members & partners.

For larger organizations, trade buyers and programmers looking for private label solutions with added functionality, our bespoke learning solutions are ideal.

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About Your Academies

  • Relate Academies can be hosted on the Five Studies platform or through your own intranet.

  • Academies are designed to match your brand with courses and certificates showcasing your own logo

  • Most academies can be running in just a few days

  • Content is available on-demand, can be scheduled to match your big announcements and is easy to maintain

  • Relate Strategy Group’s training & adult learning experts handle all the updates and modifications

  • The courses are yours to choose and showcase proudly.

  • New courses can be easily added or removed to meet your growing needs

  • There’s no risk and no contract necessary for travel trade buyer companies and agent distribution networks

  • We offer full support

  • You get admin access and real time tracking, reporting of your team’s progress, new registrations and marketing effectiveness

  • Upon course completion, each learner receives a certificate of recognition and all of our courses are designed to comply with industry standards for continuing education, certification & professional credential credits.

  • Learning is fun. We’ve built gamification into each course, masterclass and learning academy.

  • You’re able to create your own courses.

Setting up your academy is easy. Give us a call at 646.736.1305 or set up a no-risk consultation.