The Definitive Glossary of Travel & Tourism Industry Terms

The Definitive Glossary of Travel & Tourism Industry Terms


Every industry has its own language and alphabet soup of trade related acronyms. We’ve made it easy for you to know what your clients, peers, bosses and stakeholders are talking about with this definitive glossary of travel industry terms.

With your free download, you’ll be able to easily identify:

  • industry associations and their acronyms

  • different professional travel planner types by their business needs

  • key terms used to qualify and quantify travel trade business

  • popular systems used by industry peers

  • seasonality as defined by different stakeholders

This is a great tool to share with:

  • Industry Peers

  • Future Investors

  • Local Partners

  • New Employees

  • Members of your CVB

  • Important Stakeholders

Download this glossary and check out our workshop and training programs so you can be well-equipped to maximize your travel & tourism business.

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