Follow Up: The Skill that Pays Off

Follow Up: The Skill that Pays Off


Develop a Compelling Follow Up Strategy

Follow up makes the difference between collecting business cards and collecting leads.

Whether you'll be attending the one of the travel industry conference or you're hitting the road on a Relate Strategy Group sales mission, your follow up skills will be largely responsible for your ability to land new business, generate leads and secure new relationships with key buyers.

We’ve surveyed buyers to understand where most suppliers go wrong and what you can do to be a master of follow up.

With your free download, you’ll learn:

  • How buyers decide which vendors to use

  • The benefits of a solid follow up strategy

  • Seven great follow up tips that work

  • How to make a lasting impression

This is a great tool to share with:

  • Industry Peers

  • Future Investors

  • Local Partners

  • New Employees

  • Trade Show First Timers

  • Members of your CVB

  • Important Stakeholders

Download these great pointers and check out our workshop and training programs so you can be well-equipped to maximize your travel & tourism business.

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