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Tourism: A Relationship Powered Industry

Our pledge to you, the travel professional… to provide relevant, thoughtful and valuable content that helps you build more enticing product, more successful businesses, empowered teams and more valuable travel experiences. Our work with industry suppliers, destination marketers and those who cater to tourism audiences serves one purpose - to help you create incredible travel experiences that inspire others.


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Every quarter, we deliver an exciting new product packet to each of the 700 top tour operators, travel planners and tourism buyer companies in North America.

The packet contains our signature “What’s Hot” list and a trivia question about one of the products or services. Each of the recipients who correctly responds to that trivia question is entered in a drawing for a $100 gift card.

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Nothing speaks more highly of our work than when the people who know refer us to others who could benefit from our ability to form more meaningful relationships…

  • relationships between people, teams, regional partners and association members

  • relationships that people have with the products that they love

  • relationships with the knowledge, skills and abilities professionals need to be successful

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