Valuable Features

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Incredible Distribution

By customizing and branding your Relate Strategy Group course, you’re ensuring that your brand, messaging and product information are delivered consistently in a controlled environment to Relate Strategy Group’s incredible reach of travel professionals and those within your own network. You’ll get a unique URL, pushing travel planners, agents & product managers directly to your course landing page and on-demand learning tools featuring your product information. Many organizations choose to incorporate this link in their own campaigns, making easy for prospective travel planners to find and take your course. Those who sign up for and complete the course are new leads for your business that you can connect with directly and build meaningful, profitable relationships.

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Dynamic Reporting & Analytics

It’s built in… You’ll be set up as a course instructor with instant access to the instructor dashboard, detailed progress reports and engagement statistics on-demand. Using the intuitive Five Studies - The Tourism Academy platform, you’re able to track, monitor and easily manage your course content and measured results. You’re able to review student progress, enrollment, course completion and the impact of your marketing campaigns. You know, in real time, how your promotions both on and off of the platform are delivering results.

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Content Management System

It’s intuitive, the content management system designed for Relate Strategy Group courses makes it easy for you to create your online training course and efficiently manage the content, information and visuals you’re providing to a worldwide audience. Multilingual tools are also available to help activate emerging markets. Your login gives you add, update and create new product training elements on your schedule. We’ll even provide you with free course creation tools, resources and insight so that your training is both engaging and insightful to the learner. This innovative combination of video, image and text content reinforces your product benefits. Your audience can qualify to win great prizes, earn industry credentials faster and demonstrate that they “get it” by completing course quizzes. You’re in control with multilingual options delivering consistent branding.

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Online Marketing

Relate Strategy Group knows the tourism industry’s buyers and has cultivated the most comprehensive network of eager travel planners who want to learn about new destinations, products and services. Relate Strategy Group offers a number of effective promotional opportunities to make sure buyers, planners & agents hear about your product, engage with your brand and retain the product insight you’ve created. Promotions through Relate Strategy Group and Five Studies - The Tourism Academy, complete to your sales & marketing toolkits by giving your teams an interactive resource that drives buyers to your course. Targeted campaigns and promotions are available online with product training programs and include stand alone email announcements, our incredibly popular eNewsletter and prominent placement on the website. With more than 130 data points on each buyer company, targeting your campaign helps you inspire the right audience and meet your marketing goals.

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Personalized Support

A team approach… Relate Strategy Group’s passionate, experienced and dedicated team are here to support your new course launch, share online learning best practices and continued assistance to reach your goals. Yes, you’ll get a primary contact on our team who is here to help maximize your reach and accomplish each of your objectives. Together with smart resources, guidance and easy to use tools, we’re here to listen and ensure that your course is successful.

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Gamification & Rewards

We’ve incorporated proven adult learning and professional development hooks that make learning fun, increase buyer motivation and encourage active participation. Relate Strategy Group provides certificates of completion, online credentialing and visual identifiers that demonstrate the buyers’ expertise in a subject matter. Our constant flow of new information, great games & prizes drive return visitors to our site, making our network one of the most engaged and far reaching on the globe. Contests and featured prizes generate even more interest, impressions and awareness, encouraging participation & new lead generation for you. With branded course completion certificates, trade buyers & travel planners earn a lasting reminder.