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Our innovative training sessions, workshops and keynote addresses have been enjoyed around the globe at tourism conferences, conventions, annual meetings, summits, corporate sales events, employee rallies, and more. We cultivate content to echo meeting themes and work with organizers to exceed program objectives.

Beyond knowledge…we bring the FUN. We bring a positive energy, passion and level of excitement that makes it easy for participants to embrace their newfound knowledge, skills and behaviors effectively once they leave the room. Our Our trademark style - casual, informative, collaborative and humorous - connects with attendees on their level, making every program a success.

Our training programs are led by training, education and trade marketing leaders, Stephen Ekstrom and Sheena Works.

Interested in having us come to inspire your group? Browse some of the offerings below and let us know your needs.


tourism training workshop speaker expert

We all know it… meetings and conferences can be a bore. Herds of attendees traipse from session to session, from one meal function to another, trying to absorb an onslaught of information in a very short period of time. This is why the open bar tends to be the most lively part of an event.

We’ve been there too. That’s why our programs capture the audience’s attention with teachable moments so fun, they don’t even realize how much they’re learning.

Here are some workshops we’ve prepared for travel, tourism and hospitality functions around the globe. Got an idea for a topic? Let us know what you’re thinking.

  • Using Online Platforms to Deliver Better Training

  • Tourism Business Essentials: Building Businesses That Thrive in Tourism

  • The Platinum Rule: Using Empathy to Drive Profits

  • How to Be An Expert (And Spot One If You’re Not)

  • Creating a Great Tourism Product: Standing Out From the Crowd

  • Group & Tourism Bootcamp for Museums

  • Tourism 101: Everything Partners Should Know About Tourism & Destination Marketing

  • Turning Visitors Into Raving Fans: Creating Great Wow Moments in Guest Service

  • Laugh More, Spend Less: Using Humor to Drive Sales

  • Coming Out Ahead: What to Do After A Natural Disaster To Bring Visitors Back Quickly

  • Profitable Partnerships: Why, When & How To Drive Revenue with Strategic Partnerships

  • Focus on the Fundamentals: Communication, Critical Thinking, Collaboration & Creativity


tourism keynote speaker expert

Meeting and conference planners know that the speaker’s energy can make or break an event. We bring an infectious energy, passion and excitement to every speech.

Stephen Ekstrom brings this energy to audiences of all sizes with smarts, wit and inspiring moments. In advance of any activity, he’ll be working with meeting organizers to identify the perfect topic, research the audience and refine the content to be sure it’s on message, and prepare for an exciting wow moment (or two). Be forewarned: Stephen is not the type to stand behind the podium with another boring slide show. Be ready for him to work the room, engaging with the audience, bringing goodies, laughs and high-fives when warranted.

Relate Strategy Group keynotes are tailored to the needs of each conference. Check out our blog and some of the workshops mentioned below for inspiration or click the link below to get started.



Cultivate new leaders, develop stronger teams and empower your partners to achieve more within their respective fields. Below are some of the topics we’ve addressed in our signature 3-hour and full day training programs.

  • Power of Prospecting: Tools to Build A Sales Pipeline & Generate Revenue

  • Wow Your Customers: How to Identify Customer Needs and Trends Before Your Competitors

  • Build a Powerful Sales Toolbox

  • Make Your Marketing Matter: Everything You Need in Your Marketing Tool Kit

  • Sales Training for New Professionals

  • Strategy Sessions: Creating a Great Plan to Win More Visitors

  • The Google Advantage: Turn Website Visits into Paying Customers 

  • Foolproof Sales: Construct the Ultimate Winning Sales Organization 

  • Foundations of Leadership: Leading For the Future


We work exclusively with Five Studies - The Tourism Academy to deliver the best of our learning & training programs online.

This online platform allows us to share knowledge, experience and skill with interested learners around the globe. Online courses give students the ability to earn independently verified certificates of completion and credit toward their industry credentials.

We’re uniquely positioned to help our clients create destination and product training courses distributed to more than 22,000 active travel planners, trade buyers and tour operators around the globe.

We develop customized curriculum for associations and organizations to build core competencies among their newest members, generate excitement from established partners, sharing best practices and new innovations with industry leaders.

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