Quarterly Tourism Product Pack

Program Details…

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About the recipients…

Our packets are addressed to the specific employee at each of the recipient companies who’s responsible for identifying which vendors & activities will be included in their packages. These would be people with titles like company owner, product managers, tour planners, etc. These individuals have also opted-in to this program, demonstrating an interest in finding new things to do and places to visit.

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The 700 companies chosen to receive our packet are selected from more than 22,000 in our network. When updating our list, we take into consideration factors like the company’s self-reported annual passenger volume, marketplace presence which might include their membership in associations like the Student Youth Travel Association, NTA, US Travel, American Bus Association, etc. and their attendance at industry trade shows like IPW, World Travel Market, Travel South, OMCA, etc. In addition, we utilize a number of filter criteria to ensure that these companies actually plan & purchase travel product. This helps us ensure that we’re sending content to the people who plan the trip and not the company that can be hired to provide transportation.

Material is due to our mailhouse or recommended print partner by the 15th of February, May, August & November. Packs are delivered to trade buyers during the first week of March, June, September & December, respectively.

Those who make an annual commitment to 4 product packs receive a significant savings and have the option of providing a different piece for each of the four mailings.

Not sure this is the right distribution list for you? Call us for details or take a look at the options for a private campaign…

For stand alone campaigns, we’re able to apply a number of filter & sort options, here are a few to consider:

  • Geography - where the companies are located, where the visitors are coming from and the operator’s self-reported top destinations

  • Traveler Type - are their customers primarily students, business travelers, adult leisure, seniors, families, groups, independent visitors, etc.?

  • Selling Style - how does the operator sell product? Do they sell to consumers directly, are they wholesale, do they sell online, to pre-formed groups, retail packaged tours, customized itineraries, etc.

  • Interests - are they interested in product categories like luxury, adventure, budget, corporate, attractions, events, music, religious, seasonal, food, heritage, nature, etc.