Stephen Ekstrom

Stephen is one of the tourism industry's most influential leaders. He's served two terms on the Student Youth Travel Association’s (SYTA) Board of Directors, a committee member for the American Bus Association (ABA), and a long-standing participant in travel industry associations worldwide. 

Stephen's insight and understanding of industry trends, resources and buyer tendencies have produced creative marketing strategies for nationally recognized brands, local, regional and state destination marketing organizations. He’s been profiled by the New York Times, appeared on local and national television, a guest on popular talk radio programs, contributing author to and featured by numerous travel industry publications.

Stephen’s efforts have worked to increase visitation, brand recognition and profitability across all media.  He’s been called upon as a guest lecturer at Columbia University, workshop presenter, panelist and speaker for industry conferences and accreditation programs. He’s been a benefactor to the Student Youth Travel Foundation, an advocate for children in state care and a volunteer for NYC’s Ali Forney Center.

In addition to being a great story teller and performer of a few sideshow tricks, he's visited the Great Wall of China, taken an ATV expedition to the peak of Whistler Mountain, jumped out of a plane at 15,000 feet, ridden a 1,000 foot zip-line over old-growth rainforests and kayaked secluded beaches. He's also a collector of original contemporary art and has a few tattoos.


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