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Inspire & Educate… Increase revenue, empower travel planners, engage agents and motivate trade buyers with our dynamic online learning platform and proven, targeted marketing packs.


Primary Advantages

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More Revenue

Grow revenue by giving trade buyers and agents the product insight they need to send more visitors, increase length of stay and secondary spend. Rewards and incentives create excitement and build engagement. Relate Strategy Group courses are essential to the tourism sales tool kit.

Improved Efficiency

Digitized delivery and technology tools provide focused marketing options and audience segmentation. Speak directly to your target audience with bespoke outreach and course content.

Engage with thousands of buyers around the globe without having to book a single flight.

Increased Recognition

Relate Strategy Group is trusted by more than 22,000 qualified, high volume tour operator and travel agencies, influencing more than 155,000 planners, agents & product managers around the globe. More than 500 destinations and supplier companies have successfully built upon these relationships, delivered relatable content and increased product knowledge and market interest.


Valuable Features

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Global Distribution

Leading travel brands from around the globe trust Relate Strategy Group to provide efficient, relevant and personalized content to agents, product managers and tour planners in multiple markets, simultaneously.

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Dynamic Reporting

Comprehensive and smart reporting tools make it easier for our clients to measure their return on investment and convert new opportunities faster.

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Content Management System

Our intuitive CMS simplifies course creation, allowing you to bring new content online more quickly and connect to travel professionals more effectively. Our cloud-based platform lets you create new content and refresh your course from anywhere.

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Online Marketing

Grow your Agent Network with effective email campaigns, sponsorship opportunities and social media activities. Combine a variety of channels to create effective integrated campaigns

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Personalized Support

Our team is here to help you be successful. We provide expert advice, training tools and unlimited support to ensure that your courses help reach your objectives.

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Gamification & Rewards

We’ve incorporated proven adult learning and professional development tools to make learning fun for Agents & Travel Planners. We offer engaging content, great prizes and motivators so that your audience wants to learn more.

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Talk to an expert…

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Industry Buzz


Customized Solutions by the Relate Strategy Group

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Relate Strategy Group creates effective solutions. We draw from our experience marketing, selling, planning and delivering tourism product, travel packages and destination strategies. We leverage proprietary technology tools and professional training expertise to empower our clients, strengthen relationships, build recognition, push new audiences and drive revenue..

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Our Reach

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Relate Strategy Group maintains relationships with travel agencies, high-volume tour operators, wholesale travel buyers and a number of tourism product distribution providers to bring online product training to more than 150,000 professional travel planners around the globe.

With more than 130 characteristics of each buyer company, their customer preferences and buying habits, targeting the most promising markets has never been easier.

Exclusive Partnership

five studies online learning

Relate Strategy Group has partnered exclusively with Five Studies - The Tourism Academy. Five Studies provides an independent platform through which tourism and hospitality professionals can earn certified credits toward their industry credentials, continuing education requirements and adult learning needs.

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