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Trade Show Pointers: 7-minute Appointment Tips

Whether you'll be attending the one of the travel industry conference or you're hitting the road on a Relate Tourism Marketing sales mission, you need to know how to make the right impression quickly in order to land more travel trade sales.

We’ve taken our 40+ years of industry experience and feedback from influential industry buyers to develop these practical and easy-to-adopt pointers.

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What is an API?

API… if you work with a tour operators, online travel services, airlines or hotels, you’ve probably heard someone reference their API. If you’re planning to attend a big travel industry trade show like IPW, the ABA Marketplace, World Travel Market or ITB, you’re going to hear about it. So what is an API and why do so many travel trade buyers and package tour planners use them?

We found this great video that helps explain the role of APIs even in our b2b, b2c, tourism and trade trade world. Take a look.

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IPW has just ended or you’re headed home from another tourism trade show – now what? Back at the office, it’s important to remember – the trade show efforts are not over. The days after are often the most critical for keeping the momentum going and to help generate ROI. As you heard others say at the show “It’s all about the follow up.”

Here are the easy things to do after US Travel Association’s IPW – that’ll make a major difference in your ability to attract more tourists, tour operators, group visits and big accounts.

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