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4 Must-Haves in a Successful Trade Marketing Plan

What does it take for a restaurant, museum, attraction, destination, theater, destination or hotel to bring in more tour & travel business?

This article exposes each of the four critical elements that your organization will need to address in order to earn buyers' trust, catch their attention and build long-lasting high volume revenue streams.

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How to be an expert (and Spot One if You're Not)

Recent long flights have given me some time to think about what makes someone an "expert" in their field?

This question first came to mind when I was invited to speak at a conference for shopping center and destination marketers. I realized that I've become someone that others look to, an expert, when they need more information on the professional travel marketplace.

When did this happen? I didn't study tourism in school, I hate shopping and I never even took a class on destination marketing; in fact, I never knew this field existed when I entered the work place. That all changed for me when I accepted a sales position for a well-recognized restaurant concept that has several locations in areas where tourists love to gather. 

Thinking about how I became a "go-to" person on this topic has made me think about how anyone becomes a person to call when others need help, about how people become experts in their field. It isn't as simple as learning everything there is to know about a topic and printing up business cards. We all know someone who thinks they've learned everything there may be to know about a subject and can't find their way out of a wet paper bag - you have my permission to call these folks "educated idiots."

So... What is an expert?

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